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What is Social Media Marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing?


Social Media Marketing

So Hello Welcome to “Avdigitalsolutions” I Know you have many Question’s in your mind like,

What is Social Media Marketing?

How Social Media Marketing Works?

How we can grow our website, Brand, Company etc using this Social Media Marketing?

First let’s start with,

 What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing Mean’s Advertising our brand, website, company, etc with the help of Social Media.

Now a day’s there are various company who are doing great in their field. But they are not growing Why they are not growing? the reason is there product or their services is not reaching to the people. So Social Media Marketing help those company to reach a large number of Their Future Customer’s.

How Social Media Marketing Works?

Today Billions of people are engage in social media so it is the one of the best platform to Advertise your Product or Service. What are the most famous social media’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest Etc. We all use this social media’s now many time while using we see some ads of any company. Those ads are known as Social Media Marketing.

How we can grow our website, Brand, Company etc using this Social Media Marketing?

If you live in India then you have hear that line which mostly businessman’s use for their growth. That line is

“Jo Dikhata Hai Wahi Bikata Hai”

This line is basically mean’s If customer will be able to see your product then only They will able to buy your product. If they will not see, If they will not know how they will purchase.

Social Media Marketing help’s you and your product to reach millions of people which increase the growth of your company, Traffic on your Website, Sale’s of your E-Commerce Store.

There are Five pillar’s of Social Media Marketing:-

  • Strategy.
  • Planning.
  • Listening.
  • Analysing.
  • Advertising.


Strategy is the first step of any plan. Before doing anything strategy is most important thing that everyone should make. Now in Social Media Marketing what will your strategy.

Your strategy will be

  1. what is your main Aim, The goal of your company should be clear.
  2. Now you have to focus which social media you will prefer for Advertising.
  3. What content you want to share for your company.
  4. Everything should be clear there should not be anything which should confuse your customer’s.


 Now you have to plan about how you will Advertise your product, which Material you will use for Advertisement you can use links, Images, Posters, Blog Post and many things. Planning is the second most important thing in Social Media Marketing.


 Now what is listening in Social Media Marketing Assume that you have Advertise your product you have made your #(Hashtag) everything. Now you will check that your advertisement is creating which impact on people’s mind If it is creating positive impact then it is good you can come up with various things but If it is creating negative impact then you should try to clear it before it’s too late.


 You should always analyse the growth of your website, Company, Brand Before and after using Social Media Marketing. Always check your graph and keep eye on it why it is going upward and why it is going downward.


 Now Advertising is the most and final step of Social Media Marketing in this you should always know which social media should I approach, always try to approach those social media’s which are highly famous. You should always try to change or Optimize your ads.

“We Hope We Have Clear This Concept Of Social Media Marketing In Understanding Way”

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