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How To Find New Content Ideas


Hello Everyone Welcome to Avdigitalsolution,

Today in this blog we will talk about

  • What is content writing ?
  • How to find content Ideas ?
  • Tips for better Content ?

What is Content Writing ?

Content Writing is Basically a Digital Piece of written Content used for Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blogs, Articles, Podcasts etc.

a content writer means a person who gives you a better content on your selected Subjects. This content should be Qualitative as well as Quantitative.

What is Content Writing & Who Writes the Content?

A person who writes content for you is known as the Content Writer.

What is Content Writing? Why is it so Important?

Now a days in Any Marketing (Traditional or Digital) Field Content writing plays a very important role because, it helps in the following

  • Explaining your Product Details.
  • Topic Explanation.
  • Writing Blogs.
  • Writing scripts.
  • Creative Podcasts etc.

Are some of the works a Content Writer should be an expert of

Why we should Choose the Best Content Writer?

As you now know that what is Content writing ? Why it is so Important ? So now why to Choose the Best Content Writer ?

Now Choosing the right Content Writer is one of the important decision because, Explaining your product to your customers in the digital way is the work of Content Writer and also its the most important part of any Marketing Statergy.

If the Content Writer is able to explain the product/service details in a right way your product gets a boost in Sales and also your Brand Value Increases. If They don’t explain it in a right way even if your customers like the product they won’t buy it due to insufficient details of the products/services.

So for Betterment of your brands value and Products/Services an Expert Content Writer is a Must!!

I hope till now you all have understood that what is content writing ?

How to find Content Ideas?

After You know that What is Content Writing ? How to find content ideas is the second half that is also a very important step.

Now a days in this digital world on any particular subject there are million’s of articles, so finding the topic which should be unique and different from others is a big deal.

Look ahead for some golden rules on How to find Content Ideas. we will provide you 5 Ways where you can find new and unique ideas and can win the content Game.

  1. Browse Pages.
  2. YouTube.
  3. Hashtags.
  4. Google.
  5. Trend.

How to find content Ideas with Browsing Pages?

In order to find new ideas you have to  mostly browse Some Top Ranking pages and try to look after the trends and the Quality of their articles.  Check the top Ranking Pages and try to Create Some Fresh & Unique ideas from there Articles that means Browsing a page can give you good idea of how a Quality content should be Written and try to outwork them in terms of Ideas.


How to find Content Ideas from YouTube?

Everyone knows YouTube is one of the biggest platform where 720,000 hours of video are uploaded every day. so you can also get new content ideas from YouTube.

How to find content Ideas from Hashtags?

Now a days everywhere on a social media platform there are different trends of Hashtags for every video, post, images Hashtags.

So you should check the trending Hashtags where you will get Tons of Post. So you can find the Best Trending Content Idea try to be Creative and Boom!! you will be writing your best Content copy.

How to find Content Ideas from Google Search?

When we search for anything on google when we write anything on google search bar Google start giving some related search keywords which are already searched by other peoples from there you can also get new ideas for your content.

How to find Content Ideas from Trend?

In this modern world every day a new thing is going on trend so see what people of your industries are posting from there you can also get some new content ideas.

Tips For Better Content Writing

In this Section we will give you some tips for better content Writing and Management

1st Tip for better content :- Choose unique and different topics from others

2nd Tip for better content :- While writing always take care of your grammatical  Mistakes.

3rd Tip for better content :- While writing the content always check your readability status which is a  Major part of SEO.

Try to be Somewhat Creative & Try to provide your experiences, expertise in a fun and unique way which people are curious & eager to read. Also try not to copy anyone and try to be “You”

We hope this Tips will surely help you to write better content ahead.


If you want a Blogpost on any New topic Related to Digital Marketing then please suggest us in the comment box. Avdigitalsolution is always there to help you.


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